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City to Accept Bitcoin for Taxes, Fines

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Source: LetsTalkBitcoin

Pittsburgh to accept BitcoinPittsburgh is poised to become the first municipality to accept Bitcoin, Let’s Talk Bitcoin has learned.  A Subcommittee Report on Information Systems (PDF) with a “Recommendation to Improve Digital Government” released by the Office of the then Mayor-Elect recently surfaced online.  The document does not have an origin date but does have a due date of “5:00 pm on Friday, December 27” without providing a year.  However similar documents (PDF) can be found with December 2013 metadata and obviously Mayor Peduto has since been sworn in.

Included in the report is a recommendation to:

“Build technology and business processes that allow citizens and businesses to pay taxes, fees, and fines online, perhaps becoming the first municipal government to accept digital currency.”

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